Mission & Vision

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OSBIE supports student well-being and achievement, contributing to the long-term health, safety and stability of our member organizations


OSBIE’s vision is to be the most trusted, non-profit insurance provider of choice in the education sector.


OSBIE delivers accessible and customized insurance solutions at competitive and stable rates. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, fostering excellence in risk management through innovative advisory services. We harness leading-edge technology to provide an unmatched member experience.

Value Statements

Creativity & Innovation

We embrace innovation and change. We continually review our products and services to stay relevant and meet the changing needs of members. We are courageous, adaptable, and resilient, finding creative solutions to meet emerging challenges.


We work collaboratively with a strong commitment to team and to achieving our collective goals. We are approachable, compassionate, and supportive, and we value open communication with members, and stakeholders.

Customer Care

We are highly responsive, and we are there for our members when they need assistance. We provide hope and optimism, and we treat our members and each other with kindness, respect, and generosity. We relate to our members as long-term partners. We show patience and we listen to others, creating a supportive and safe environment for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

We leverage the collective diversity of our members and employees, co-creating our future, growing our knowledge, and realizing our purpose. We are inclusive, and we respect each person’s unique talents and abilities. We embrace the many differences that make each individual unique including age, ability, ethnicity, language, culture, family status, marital status, socioeconomic status, health, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, geography, and national origin.


We are committed to quality and excellence in all we do.


We are guided by justice and fairness in our processes, and procedures. We protect our members with a firm, fair and consistent approach. We share as much information as possible, providing reasonable explanations for our decisions.

Financial Sustainability

We are results-driven and fiscally responsible, balancing growth and financial strength. We are resourceful, efficient, and we recognize that responsible stewardship of our assets is critical to our long-term organizational success.

Integrity & Accountability

In the spirit of partnership, we build member confidence through strong strategic management and effective investment of resources and assets. We are accountable for all that we do, and we act in an ethical and honest way, upholding the trust of our members. We are transparent in our communications, operations, data management, financial reporting and in measuring our impact.


As a learning organization, we attract, retain, and develop top talent, enabling us to provide service excellence and leadership to our members. We embrace a culture of continuous learning and development. We encourage a growth mindset, supporting peer learning to create shared knowledge, skills, and agility.